Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mini story: A Gandhian in Parakkav

Hi all...
The posting below is dedicated to my friend Mr. Rejikumar who's a wonderful Artist and Mural Painter working in Dubai. He's a Freelancer

.....that day was bright and colorful. I was very glad and thinking what to do..

Suddenly, i have an idea of visiting that small shop which stood very near to my home.

It's an old shop with unpainted walls, there was no dandy glass doors infront. Some local Political Parties embossed their symbols on its side wall. The bottles which contained sweets attracted many kids in nearby homes. Moms could control their kids pointing to these jars which have colorful chocolates and in different shapes. Village people sat there lazily but worrying about the rising price of common things.

There He sat! He wore no shirt! Only a simple 'Kaili' (A cotton piece instead of Pant for men) and no chappals he used!

I said "Hello" to him, and he became so delighted seeing me after a long time. He: "Oh my son! where u lost in these days?"

Suddenly we became so much engaged discussing about 'Cloud Computing'
             - a new trend in IT (Users do not have to setup expensive IT infrastructure or resources, but it can be shared online).

He surprised what a change it would bring in near future, but our ongoing ideas exchange has been interrupted by a small girl who asked him to give her 1 kg tomato.

He told her: "Oh! girl, No I have no stock". (He was lazy to pack it), but she found it inside the shop, & showed him that tomato basket, and he was forced to give her that at last.

I wondered why he's in a small village shop, "Dont u want to work in big Companies?"

He told me, "Hi Sadaru, I love to be near my small hut, drinking pure porridge (rice soup) whenever I want. Fish sellers bring me fresh ones to my home. I can be at the ecstasy of Sun kiss when I'm half naked. I enjoy organic vegetables cultivated in my land".

........at that spot, his youngest daughter came with a bottle of fresh coconut juice! He served me a glass: "See, this is my life!"

--with love

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sadrudin ,

Today while browsing the internet I found your blogs so interested and I read some
of your stories, It is really nice and no mix with artificial emotions, drama and glamor.
But unique and very touchy,realistic stories.
Keep writing such beautiful stories.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sadaruddin ,

It is really very nice and realistic stories you wrote with no artificial words,and content.