Monday, December 14, 2009

----- a funny story - this is dedicated to my friend Mr. Ibrahim Kutty who's a social activist for small Traders in Kerala.

A Nature Lover

1 day, I decided 2 visit that wonderful place: Kadalundi where river meets sea. It's a marvelous place where birds from different geographical region come 2 enjoy . After a 45' drive of my old Willys Jeep, I reached that calm and tranquil place where sky, sea and land unite together.

But for my wonder, I found there my friend! - a philosopher. He's well known in our area for his intense love towards Nature.

He told me: “if you're getting close to Nature, it'll be closer 2 u more & love u more & more. If you feel the touch of it, it can even heal ur wounded mind.

……….and YOu'll never feel lonely anymore! It’ll be ur true companion forever without demanding u anything!

He became so happy 2 see me there. We watched the clear waters, sitting on a stony & rocky place near the shore.

Gradually he began 2 touch the waves with his legs. I got it that he was trying to be in connection with Nature.

He stated: No need to worry on your life and death if you're in perfect union with Nature. Even if your life ends, you’re returning back to Nature’s lovely embrace. So why worries??

I found he's really enjoying it, and watched the life force's passing through his body radiating an incredible glow.

The sky began cloudy at that time. I showed him the Mighty waves of the ocean approaching us with a roaring sound.

…but when looked aside, I couldn’t find him - my philosopher friend! He was running away fast.

He shouted: "Don't you see the angry waves? May be it's Tsunami again!"

--with Natural luv

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