Sunday, August 21, 2011

The mini story below is dedicated to Mrs. Zx - an amateur artist and a lover of dreams. She works in Jeddah.

Spiritual journey and a friend... 

After a deadly troublesome journey in a red color painted private bus, I reached Aluva railway station.

Now 9: 30 am. I'm in platform no: 3, having coffee sitting on a round bucket chair. 

Just after the station, there stood a huge Banyan tree with long hanging roots, as if it touched the sky. The clear blue sky inspired a warm mood in me.

The platform was almost calm and silent; without many passengers. When looked back again into the sky, it gave me a feeling of peace and as if i'm back to Nature from the noisy rusty town streets.

Slowly, the train began to appear like a huge living creature showing its mighty. I love train journey as it always sparked new ideas and dreams in me. We can go back to Nature once again when we cross villages, rivers, farm fields and through woods. I think town life is totally material and taking a train ride is purely a spiritual one.

When train stopped, I was thrilling what new experience this journey would gift me...

Got a window seat. I looked around. There was one gentle man was sitting just opposite of me -
             simply dressed, with a bright face & wide forehead.

To break the silence, he asked:

"Are you Mr. .....?"

"Yes":  I replied

"Did you do your graduation in the ................ College?": Again his query.

"Yeah..." Surprised I'm

Actually he was my classmate in college. He lives writing - he's become a popular author now.

I remembered his olden days.

He loved to live as a writer, so done diploma in creative writing and took his pen with hope, but no single word he could make.

Next step, he began to read and read. He got books of Shakespeare, William Wordsworth,  Sherlock Holmes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle...

1000 and 1 nights  Arabian stories...

Then came to Malayalam novels: 'Bhargahvee Nilayam', 'Khasakinte Ithihasam', 'Adithyanum Radhyaum Mattu Chilarum' .....

Read many magazines, short stories, mini stories...
                                                but no use, except he lost some money only.

Anyhow, he tried again...

He went visiting several places, pilgrim centers -away from towns, towards hill areas, riverside huts..
                        still his paper remained empty with not any single line on it.

Then he left the plan to be a writer.

"Ok, how you became a popular writer like now?" I couldn’t stop me asking.

His words:
"I left the plan to live as a writer. After some years I got married like any other guy. Just after 3 months of marriage, ideas began to spring up in my mind. Some more months passed. My inner mind became restless and I needed to write.

Almost 1 year after marriage: All my accumulated thoughts burst out and delivered into a book. It has got many readers.

Now my inside is really burning with full of ideas and I can write anything anytime.

The train reached Palakkad station. I've to get down.

I commented: "I never thought married life has a good advantage like this. I've also to get marry"

While rushing towards the busy noisy town again, I was still in the world of spiritual journey with my friend and his enlightening story.

 -with luv

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The mini story below is dedicated to Dr. Kesari Menon. He's one beyond a traditional Doctor - I found. Health is a total sum of physical, mental and spiritual well being -he believes. Merely intaking a tablet can't offer a cure. You can visit his site:


An Enchanting Smile

A Sunday evening...

It was dusty outside. The sky looked pale and dull. The street was noisy and the roads were muddy and dirty.

I noticed fatigue on the face of people. They were emotionless and everyone seemed so much busy and as if sunk in other world.

I searched for a live face in the crowd and wished if I could receive a hearty smile from anyone.

I was very hungry and searching for something to eat. In hotels, everything felt as usual; same drinks, same items. Even the dishes placed on the same spot always on the vessels.

"Biriyani, Fried rice, Chicken, Beef...." The supplier began...
"Tomato rice?" I humbly queried.
"Yeah:" He
"Bring me then... pls hurry" I stressed
But.. when I looked near the cashier spot, really, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Somebody was smiling at me.. It was a sweet and hearty  smirk. I looked it again and again enjoying with all my senses.

I felt it, loved it; I was attracted towards him as if a fly towards a flame.
I felt it as a cold rain in the hot desert.

I remembered one incident when I was in Gulf.

I was walking in the hot sun one afternoon. I thought my shirt was burnt with fire. I felt thirsty and became exhausted. But hearing a sweet honey voice singing behind me, I looked back; it was an African street girl, but how enchanting that tone was! I forgot the bitter killing hot waves that time.

I approached the man –who gave me an elaborate smile- near the counter, delighted, and asked him: "Do you know me?"

He told me calmly: "I think you belong to this ward (area), if so, please vote for our candidate, as you know the election is very near"

-vth luv

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