Thursday, October 29, 2009

(Read a story now, on 'Search Engine and a website': dedicated to Ms. Asiya - She's is a Junior Scientist (Microbiology). I thought Scientists are from Mars, but now I'm assured that Anyone can be a Scientist. hmm.. She won the quiz contest posted earlier on this site.)

When Search Engine crawled...

........ On a rainy day, a site was born in a narrow enclosed room of a web design house. The parents (developers) were so delighted! The naming function (domain name) was over. They made a big Email campaign party.. So many subscribers attended the function.

    But alas! They worried 1 thing! The arrival of Search Engine..They approached a Doctor (Optimizer) to check their baby. He made all checkups: Carefully checked its name (title), body (content), the history of relatives (backlinks).. everything ok.. Parents satisfied. They paid him big fees.

The day arrived! Search Engine began to appear with all its Majesty, a roaring sound, but oh..within a short time...

     the Gigantic thorny wheels crushed up the helpless tiny webpage.

What happened?

      ....Unfortunately, the Optimizer was so busy that day and he couldnt update his knowledge. He didnt know the latest trend in the Algorithm!

 --with love 

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