Monday, January 4, 2010

(The story below is dedicated to Mr. Ameerul Islam Chowdhury (Abbu) from whom I got nothing except pure love. When I was lonely in the desert, it was he who made my days rich with love, care, knowledge and deep philosophical sessions. Those Jeddah days were exciting -really!!)

Our Doctor's Departure

When reached Parappanangadi Railway Station, it was not too late,because the Cochin train which I intended to travel was still 2 hours late.The station was not so crowded: may be because of noon time.

Still I have 2 wait for 1 hour for my train. So I was thinking what 2 do. I wanted 2 have a strong tea and went to a small railway tea stall there. I enjoyed the great taste of tea I had from there, and... began 2 read a Magazine bought from there.

When looked the other platform, I saw our village Doctor there waiting for train and a moderate crowd around him. I was so excited to see him because I know him from my childhood. He's so special that no other Doctors I did notice like him.

He's a modern Allopathic Practitioner but still has many Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic Doctors as his friends! I found many other modern medicine people kept looking away when they're forced to face the alternate medicine doctors.

When he thought he couldnt solve some clinical cases, he did even refer it to Doctors who're may be alternate Practitioners like Nature cure People!

He didn't forget to smile at his patients -especially kids. Our village people got cured even when they felt the touch of him. He was so friendly with them and often discussed even their family issues.

He never asked money from his patients; he'll accept whatever they offered him. Sometimes our village people presented him anything they've if they dont have to pay him a penny.

Unlike other doctors, he lived in a moderate house and drove a simple car (He couldnt live in a luxurious bangalow because he refused to refer the poor patients merely for high commission to High Speciality Medical Business Centers). He believed in the service of people who're in need of his care and treatment.

When I reached the Doctor's nearby, he smiled at me with love. "Are you ok by all means? If not, I'm praying 4 u"

I replied: "Ok Sir, but where're you going leaving us?"

"China,for the higher studies in Medicine"

Eventhough little troubled and sad by his departure, I felt proud of him because our dearest village Doctor is going to China for higher studies and to attain a Specialization degree in Medicine.

I heard that all the expenses are carried out by our village people who felt the care of Doctor. We should help him because he didnt earn a huge amount squeezing the poor ones, because he believed in serving humanity only. So I also felt a great pleasure when contributed my part for his further Medical studies.

--- with luv

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