Wednesday, November 25, 2009

(The mini story below is dedicated again to Ms. Asiya - a Junior Scientist who won the contest posted on this blog earlier.)

MLM - A Dubai Meditation

After a long long time, I met him yesterday in a Malabari cafe in Dubai. He looked smart, more healthy and energetic. His eyes were shining with joy. No black rings under his eyes like b4. He appeared to be so light hearted. 2-3 lines of a famous Hindi song I heard from him.

Sure! He's perfectly tuned well with Nature, enjoying the light, colors, beauty... & everything! I could even feel an Aura around his body.

I asked him: "So u got a better job?"
"No": He

I thought someone helped him to build his dream house, but he told it's still a far dream! His face sad: "I dont think i can make it in the near future".

"So, what's the secret? You have many problems, financial! ... and u r away from ur family. long hours of troublesome work. But even then, u look so happy and joyful?

He served me a glass of orange juice. "Ok, that I will tell you next week".

I was waiting like anything for that day. It was a Friday -my holiday in Dubai. He took me to a big hall where spread a dim light and I saw there several Professionals, high profile people - ALL well dressed and smart looking.

After a while A Leader appeared on the stage who looked like an exact fotocopy of a Super Star. He ordered all of us to close our eyes.....and then we are suggested to imagine that we're all in our newly built dream house (it costs millions) which is in the center of a very beautiful Garden with cute colorful flowers and butterflies.

He asked us: "Which car do u want to drive?"
I answered him it is BMW I wish, but my friend drove Rolls Royce, and each one selected according to his taste.

Then A bold tone suggested us that we're getting continuous income and high revenue from our downlines even when we're relaxing lazily in our garden chairs! Suddenly some spill over came and we're piled up with big bucks & huge money and
we saw that our Bank account has been overflowing with tons of cash!

He (our leader) declared: This is MLM (Multi level marketing)! The golden tool of future to offer you what you wish in your life in this world.

Really, I forgot all my troubles in that river of joy, and took an elaborate bath in it. It made me in an ecstasy when i thought of countless money flowing thru my left and right wings!

Oh! when came out of the Hall, I noticed in the mirror, my face: it's also shining with joy like that of my friend!

See the power of MLM meditation!


(Notes: Malabari - People from Malabar - a part of Kerala (India)
Aura - a field of luminous radiation around a person or object, or reflection of bioenergy level)

--with love

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