Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The posting below is dedicated to Mr. Chandra Swami (Sekhar) whom I found reflecting a sense of eternal joy in his eyes derived from a super conscious level out of self knowledge - I think. He works in Dubai

-- A poem born on a bus ride in Dubai

Lost in Dubai:

I'm on a wooden bench in Creek now,
Enjoying the water vessels
Riding like golden swans..

wow! they're made of beauty and charm

...then a wonder bus entered on the waters
after a lazy road ride..

Oh! it's an amphibian

The enchanting colors & lights seemed
They're made out of a dream!

The romantic Arabian music-
is heard then from a nearby cafe
..and the Sheisha smokes relaxed my burning nerves

The gigantic buildings around
Marked -the mighty Technological advancements

My Metro - gave me a fancy ride on the ground
in the air, and hurray! under water!

When I looked behind;-
I love it! the Heritage Village!!
It invited me back to the History

There's everything there 4 u
to clock you back many years!

The village man pouring water in his field
His stony muddy well, a Mighty darkish Ox,
an innocent looking camel
- all those are from Past -really.

Tasted the sweets in a palm leaves hut-
made by those village ladies in the Past

Now.. I'm relaxing on the soily ground
When looked up the sky above
I forgot everything!
Firewalls, ERP software, Web Portals.. nothing I remembered!

I heard somebody singing there-
those lines of Omar Khayyám and Rumi

When watched the calmness, beauty and the technological height of Dubai
I felt a smile bossomed on the faces of 'Karmayogis'--
who firmly believed in creating Hisotry rather than simply watching it!

--with love

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