Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mini Story: The Pain and the Pleasure

The short-mini story below is dedicated to Ms. Soorya -a cheerful and energetic person; works with Airtel, Cochin.
The last Saturday morning....

I walked to Edapally railway station. It stood still and silent with gigantic trees on both sides. Not much passengers on the platform; only some morning walkers just jogging there. I sat on a cement bench.

The climate was cloudy and little bit hot. The thirsty old rails laid there to infinity waiting for the arrival of a train.

When sat for a while, I felt lonely.

Then, alas! The bitter loneliness crept into my soul like a sluggish snail....

I thought to call my friends.

Called Mr. Sasi - out of range
Then Mr. Rahman - he was busy
Ms. Deepthi: mobile was switched off.

Again, I plunged deeply into the ocean of solitude.....

Thought on Yoga, or to read some inspirational books, but my mind was not ready for it.

Suddenly, I got a surprise call from Mr. Mohanan.

He is a nice friend of me, having a good philosophical outlook and views; keeps a pleasant face always - working at a PHC in Thrissur.

Mohanan told me: "No problem my friend! I can suggest you a special medicine to overcome your loneliness!"

I met him at Thrissur K.S.R.T.C stand -he took me to the Thekkinkad maidan where the legendary Thrissur Pooram celebration was going on...

A world of myth, carnival, fun, entertainment and colors...

Children, women, men, students, professionals, workers - all are there crowded. The spirit was high and extreme.

I came out from my narrow self-inner world and became one with the crowd. Opened my eyes; knew the people's emotions; saw the sacred temple elephants there.

Looked to the eyes of elephants who were adorned with dazzling ornaments. I came nearby, and touched it -I felt I'm not alone!

My loneliness went away... my mind became so light while removed the heavy weight of self thoughts. In an ecstasy of joy, I flied like a bird....

I remembered the words of Great Budha: “To overcome the pain and miseries, come out from your own unwanted desires”

with luv