Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mini Story: The Pain and the Pleasure

The short-mini story below is dedicated to Ms. Soorya -a cheerful and energetic person; works with Airtel, Cochin.
The last Saturday morning....

I walked to Edapally railway station. It stood still and silent with gigantic trees on both sides. Not much passengers on the platform; only some morning walkers just jogging there. I sat on a cement bench.

The climate was cloudy and little bit hot. The thirsty old rails laid there to infinity waiting for the arrival of a train.

When sat for a while, I felt lonely.

Then, alas! The bitter loneliness crept into my soul like a sluggish snail....

I thought to call my friends.

Called Mr. Sasi - out of range
Then Mr. Rahman - he was busy
Ms. Deepthi: mobile was switched off.

Again, I plunged deeply into the ocean of solitude.....

Thought on Yoga, or to read some inspirational books, but my mind was not ready for it.

Suddenly, I got a surprise call from Mr. Mohanan.

He is a nice friend of me, having a good philosophical outlook and views; keeps a pleasant face always - working at a PHC in Thrissur.

Mohanan told me: "No problem my friend! I can suggest you a special medicine to overcome your loneliness!"

I met him at Thrissur K.S.R.T.C stand -he took me to the Thekkinkad maidan where the legendary Thrissur Pooram celebration was going on...

A world of myth, carnival, fun, entertainment and colors...

Children, women, men, students, professionals, workers - all are there crowded. The spirit was high and extreme.

I came out from my narrow self-inner world and became one with the crowd. Opened my eyes; knew the people's emotions; saw the sacred temple elephants there.

Looked to the eyes of elephants who were adorned with dazzling ornaments. I came nearby, and touched it -I felt I'm not alone!

My loneliness went away... my mind became so light while removed the heavy weight of self thoughts. In an ecstasy of joy, I flied like a bird....

I remembered the words of Great Budha: “To overcome the pain and miseries, come out from your own unwanted desires”

with luv

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mini Story: Totally Different!

The mini story below is dedicated to my MLT friend Mr. Rahman Koduvally.

This sunday evening... it's too hot outside like in a desert land. I'm not going anywhere! Instead, wanted to write 2 mini stories for you all...

An old story:

There lived three close friends in a village. They were child hood friends. When grown up and to earn money, they planned to start a business. so went  to a town away from their small village.

In their lodge room, the sincere friends were thinking hard on what to start. At last they decided to open a restaurant. 

The first guy said: "We can open a big restaurant so we can attract more customers and hence more money".

The second one suggested like this: "No, we have to start three different hotels. Then, we blame each other. So, people think we're enemies each. Actually we're one! We should look only for profit. When they're unsatisfied with the bad food in one hotel, they will be forced to come to other hotels. But, anyhow, we get all the customers anyway, and we can have good profit".

"Nice idea" the third one agreed...

Three hotels were totally different in shape, served dishes, and even the color of the shops! So poor people thought they are not same and tasted in three different hotels frequently, but always cheated!

******************************** ********************
The new story:

The election day, I came to the booth very early in the morning. Found several candidates; different flags, different colors, different ideologies; they're totally different - no similarity at all -sure!!

I voted to my desired candidate....

with luv