Monday, October 26, 2009

Hi all,
This post is dedicated to my friend Mr. Nazer - a wonderful guy who's never tired of learning and learning.. He's a Senior Preclinical Analyst and I found he dedicated his life to serve Humanity offering Medical services. He's so young in spirits eventhough he's a Maughum concerning his chronological age.

Inside = Outside

I had an upset stomach a few days ago. I felt no hungry and wanted nothing to do. My mind was always around my stomach, caring it. The world outside became very much gloomy and uncomfortable. 

I couldnt think anything or lost the power of imagination. I thought the world around me is an awesome one. But I could got my status back after some techniques. I will tell you that in my next post.

What I learned out of this situation is, the world outside of us is the reflection of our own inner mind. If you're healthy and happy, you can feel outside also so fresh and warm and the world is so beautiful and cute with all colors and flavors.

According to Modern Scientific theories also, this world itself is an absolute reflection of your mind or
                                   THE MIND CREATES THIS WORLD.

If you feel so tideous and having fatigue, you can see nothing do work outside properly. If your mind goes sleepy, you can't feel a world outside.

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bye all --

with love

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