Saturday, October 24, 2009

A home is a place where everyone can hang out after a day's work. This is the place where anyone can mould his own dreams freely. There you can have your own secret place to have your own activities.

You will be the happiest person on that day when you conduct your house warming ceremony.

2day me too the happiest one,
because I made a house online -

that is, created my own blog which Google allowed me to do so.

I should be grateful to Google first.
This is the place where I can hangout.

I can draw now, my own ideas and show to others!

When my soul burns out of rare ideas, i can spill it over to this my new place - my blog!

About myself: I'm working (for my bread) in Dubai now.

But when I thought of a blog for myself, i remembered my place -Parakkav where I spent my younger days...
a part of Moonniyur village. Still i can see it in my eyes. The greenish flowery village passage (narrow road) through which I walked to my home. There the two sides were flowery and scenty. Sometimes some cameleons stared at me.

When I reached this spot, I became closer to Nature and felt the love of some Supernatural powers.

For this memory I dedicate my blog to Parakkav and the people of Parakkav.

I will tell you more in my next posts.


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