Sunday, July 4, 2010

The mini story below is dedicated to Mr. Rahman whom I found very much dedicated to bring ideas and concepts on Design and Graphics. The online Magazine -inStyle keralam which he published recently was an amazing one and presents an entirely new online reading experience. 
Positive and Optimistic: An Executive's Tale

I have never seen a person so optimistic like Mr. Rajeev. He is very cheerful and his face always looked bright and brilliant.

He sees everyday so many people who discourages him, somebody laughed at him, and still some others shut their office doors against his face.
One day he visited a Construction Company and the guy there pleaded him: "Could you leave me alone? I'm too much busy". 

He was a quite stranger  and an alien in every office he visited, and he felt it badly. No one gave him a smiling or an encouraging face.

Even though the things are like this, Mr. Rajeev loved his job of marketing. He could meet different people, visit so many new places. He could feel sun outside and when sunrays embraced his body, he knew it. The other thing he liked was the abundant fresh air he could intake when walking out. The travel mania hidden inside him was another reason he opted this career.
 I got that our marketing friend can never be static in an office chair sitting between walls. His dream was always that of birds flying from tree to tree.   
He moved from place to place, building to building, office to office without a rest, enjoying different dishes served in various restaurants, out of perfect hunger while working hard in the sun. He believed the physical work should be an inevitable part to make us fit, like in our ancient days.

The executive –Mr. Rajeev is glad and enjoying all he's doing until meets his BOSS in the office, evening. See his field visit report: 

   -23: Visited a chemical company, Boss is out to attend a conference
    -24: Tehnical college: No requirement right now
    -25: Travel Agency: They've their own wing for any operation
    -26: Another company: They'll call us upon requirement.
    -27: A Business Avenue: No Sales people allowed.

--with luv
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