Friday, August 20, 2010

The face tells everything...I remembered this fact when i met the popular Malayalam actress Ms. Bhama. A beautiful Malayalam face which reflects a real village beauty and innocence. So humble and elegant in manners. The mini story below is respectfully dedicated to Ms. Bhama and her sister Ms. Reshmi, and brother Mr. Jai.  

Flowers and Colors   - Onam Memories 

When I looked around, that land was so much amazing with variety flowers! 
rare colors, real charm! butterflies are dancing, birds are there made of immense beauty.

Who designed upon them? A great Photoshop work!

There was a fence and small bushes there in one corner.. dragon flies are there plenty. I wished to catch them.

A small house stood there with a big mango tree in front. Some children swinging, girls are dancing..a kerala style dance.

Then...some traditional gentlemen and ladies appeared; they serve themselves and having an elaborate lunch with a much variety of dishes..

Wow.. what a surprise! what a colorful sight.. what a bright and happy day?!

"Your time is over:" The girl in the cafe notified me.

"Oh" I stopped viewing the Onam - a famous kerala festival- views on the Net.

I paid the charges.

                                 "Thank you" she told me.

When looked into her eyes for a while, i realized suddenly -those are the same eyes... i peeped into my early childhood days and found there my childhood friend; those nostalgic days, colorful Onam with all family members..

After browsing, I headed towards a snacks bar avoiding the big gutters on the road. 

The town was so much congested with muddy and noisy roads. The polluted air gave me a drowsiness. Millions of vehicles disturbed me much...

..... I felt LOST in my enchanting Onam views with a lavish dish online while I'm having a simple burger in the coffee bar with no other side dishes,
                            ..... even though still it's very expensive.

Happy ONAM to all my readers... 

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