Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The story below is dedicated to Mr. Jaleel (Kunha) - young, energetic and a workholic person but still hides a funny and humorous mind within him. He's a wide reader & a pure vegetarian if a non-veg. diet is not available. Works in Saudi Arabia and after all, my brother in law.

An Artist in the Town

It was a summer day and I was on a journey back to Kozhikode from Thiruvananthapuram (Capital of Kerala). The scenery outside was seductive and the landscape was enchanting with eye-soothing greenish colors everywhere. Whenever the bus getting speedy, my mind was also working faster and rigorously to create new ideas and concepts. I always felt that travelling could bring us more fresh thoughts and feelings.

But, my dreams were suddenly interrupted by a sudden slow down of our vehicle and when looked out, i found there a massive rally of a local Political Party going on. The road was blocked and it might take hours to clear up. My inner mind stopped working and felt bored. I looked around simply.. then noticed the passenger beside me, and began to watch his features 4 a while.

"Hi, if you don't mind, are you an artist? working online, and spending hours surfing in a cafe?" i asked him.

With wonder he replied: "Exactly my brother, but how did u know it?"

I explained my findings to him: "You're a lean and tall fellow with long, end curved nose and a wide forehead, you've thin and long fingers. Your thick beard is not properly cared & you're in a simple dress. You've long hanging hairs also. These signs show that you may be an artist".

"Then how did u come to know that I work online and in a cafe?" He asked.

"That's nothing. There's a significant dark circles under your eyes, due to continuous exposure to Monitor, and your face looks as if it's dehydrated and so gloomy, that means you work somewhere where there is not enough air circulation, so I guessed it may be an Internet cafe. Most cafes here are not properly ventillated -you know:" I told him

"Yeah,it looks amazing! Anyhow It makes me happy chatting with u"

"Ok, I love artists. They live in earth but from Paradise! The pleasure of creation which artist experience; how lovely and divine it is! So tell me your story. How u happened to be here in this town?"

The bus was still not moving and all other passengers were bored much, but for my luck, my fellow passenger's story gave me an incredible fun and a deep insight towards life.

Let me explain it below for you:

When he was in college, he felt the pain and pleasure of doing artworks. His mind was always chatting with him; it gave him tremendous ideas each moment. He couldnt stop drawing and drawing. Attending never-ending lectures going on in the dead class rooms- it was his nightmare!

..the Chemistry lab was so hard for him, he couldn't bear the rotten egg smell of H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide), and 1 day when he was experimenting with H2SO4 (Sulphuric Acid), he accidentally burnt his hands, and couldnt bear the insult from his Professor, infront of others. That was the last day in his college life.

Then he spent his life doing some artworks.. he was just pushing his days without much earning, but he could feel the pleasure and satisfaction out of his beloved work.

Things changed altogether after his marriage. He couldn't manage the family budget at all with his little income. 1 day his wife ordered him: "Dont you think about our kids and their future?! From Salt to Sugar, everything needs money. No vegetables and no land does anyone possess now. Our kids nursery admission require thousands. Do any other work and bring more money to home"

"what kind of job? I know only drawing" He said

"Learn to do any job, Work even as a Porotta (a kind of bread) Maker-no problem! Money is an important factor in these days". She advised.

It's true! He loved to live as an aritst, but will it help him to earn much? He left the house
at that moment. He watched his hands and fingers. God given him the fingers of an artist. How can he work as a Bread Baker? All jobs are sacred, but can one do every type of job?

Then he began to search for a good job several days, but at last found the same job of a Chef in a Hotel. He tried to work there hard and sincerely only for the sake of money. Days passed, but 1 thing became very clear to him, he can't be successful in that job.

God didn't experiment him long, while he was surfing the web on one of his off-days in an Internet Cafe, one of his Facebook friends offered him a good opportunity to work as an online artist.

Now, he's very happy: earns well, he lives in that town, staying nearby a Cafe, deriving much pleasure while performing on his own duty: painting his dreams and wishes on the web. The paycheques arrive regularly to his address.

"So, why don't you buy a laptop?" I asked him

"I don't want to possess anything for myself, I want to be free and free! Ideas spring up only in a relaxed mind where there is no fear of future. The Immense pleasure I obtain myself -it's enough for me. I'm happy my friend"

The road block was cleared out and our driver put the accelerator on again and I told him: "This story I'll write anyhow"

Our bus ran faster than before, and I was thinking how to draw this story for my readers without losing its beauty.

-vth luv

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