Sunday, March 27, 2011

The mini story below is dedicated to Dr. Kesari Menon. He's one beyond a traditional Doctor - I found. Health is a total sum of physical, mental and spiritual well being -he believes. Merely intaking a tablet can't offer a cure. You can visit his site:


An Enchanting Smile

A Sunday evening...

It was dusty outside. The sky looked pale and dull. The street was noisy and the roads were muddy and dirty.

I noticed fatigue on the face of people. They were emotionless and everyone seemed so much busy and as if sunk in other world.

I searched for a live face in the crowd and wished if I could receive a hearty smile from anyone.

I was very hungry and searching for something to eat. In hotels, everything felt as usual; same drinks, same items. Even the dishes placed on the same spot always on the vessels.

"Biriyani, Fried rice, Chicken, Beef...." The supplier began...
"Tomato rice?" I humbly queried.
"Yeah:" He
"Bring me then... pls hurry" I stressed
But.. when I looked near the cashier spot, really, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Somebody was smiling at me.. It was a sweet and hearty  smirk. I looked it again and again enjoying with all my senses.

I felt it, loved it; I was attracted towards him as if a fly towards a flame.
I felt it as a cold rain in the hot desert.

I remembered one incident when I was in Gulf.

I was walking in the hot sun one afternoon. I thought my shirt was burnt with fire. I felt thirsty and became exhausted. But hearing a sweet honey voice singing behind me, I looked back; it was an African street girl, but how enchanting that tone was! I forgot the bitter killing hot waves that time.

I approached the man –who gave me an elaborate smile- near the counter, delighted, and asked him: "Do you know me?"

He told me calmly: "I think you belong to this ward (area), if so, please vote for our candidate, as you know the election is very near"

-vth luv

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Sir................ really funny & good story.