Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Lonely Tree and a Pretty Bird

There stood a gigantic tree in a lonely area near a dull and dusty mountain rock. It looked so sad and its branches were ugly, dehydrated and it's having no leaves at all. It appeared as if it was in deep grief out of bitter solitude.

Then a bird was seen flying towards it and slowly sat comfortably on one of the branches. Surprisingly with the colorful feathery bird's presence, the branches got stunning greenish.

After a while, that pretty winged bird chirped looking the lonely tree, then the tree became live and thrilling that time.

After, the bird touched the branch with its beautiful beak and the whole tree became magically colorful with full of fragrant flowers.

Even though full flowered, the tree got afraid; it asked: "Do you charge a heavy fee for your service?"

The bird couldn't bear it: "Do you think I'm like a modern university or self financing college?"


The lonely tree - One without knowledge
Pretty bird - Universal knowledge

-- with luv

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